Boat building, Fiberglass Fabrication and Landscaping


Services Abdulla Nasheed February 20, 2021

Boat Building

We apply our thorough knowledge of Fiberglass fabrication to a range of applications from custom design & consultation on boat building to repair and refit.

  • Vessel Superstructure design
  • Vessel operational modelling
  • Vessel procurement support
  • Vessel surveys and valuations
  • Cost estimates for new construction, ship repair or refits, operating costs and life cycle costs
  • Ship trials management
  • Ship model testing
  • Stability analysis
  • Open water performance predictions
  • Transportation system economic studies

Fiberglass works

Along with custom boat building, we offer custom fabrication services for just about any application, big or small. We can meet the most stringent standards and provide certified, accurate, third-party compliant processes to meet your needs.

Brings us your concept or plan and we can work with you to get the job done or we can help you design and build as per your needs.


Our landscape, forestry and planting supplies range has been selected especially for Maldives and its Islands in Mind.

Landscapers undertaking bare root trees and hedge planting in:

Commercial landscaping projects
Land reclaimed island developments
Domestic landscapes and gardens
Regeneration schemes
Roadside Planting
Roadside planting
Supply Landscaping plants and trees
Additional Services

We are constantly building up our expertise with the experience gained from each project that is completed. We have developed our own mobilization techniques and operational procedures to suit the unique environmental and logistical challenges

In addition to boat building, fiberglass work and landscaping we also give these services.

  • Wood work
  • Management of projects related to Marine vessels
  • Tenders for Mega Project supplies
  • Cargo handling and delivery Services
  • Import Clearance of seagoing vessels
  • Large scale supply of fiber glass raw materials
  • Fiberglass related project consultation and managing Projects
  • Mega Yacht supplies (food ,raw materials ,marine spare parts sourcing)
  • Marine vessel Refurbishment in different scales
We are located on the Sunny side of Life!

Our Office is in the capital city of Male’ Republic of Maldives. With our work sites located strategically in different parts of Maldive Atolls.You can always get in touch with us.