Boat building, Fiberglass Fabrication and Landscaping

About us

About us Abdulla Nasheed February 6, 2020
We take pride in our service on a reputation of high quality craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, innovation & integrity.

We started this company in 2010 out of a desire to design and build amazing things. Salted Fiber Works Pvt Ltd is a registered company in the Maldives. Stationed in Male but our work takes us to different work sites around the Maldives which we have setups in place. We are engaged in providing distinctive fiberglass works, boat and yacht restorations and refurbishments, hull construction, consultation, and project management of building marine vessels, woodworks and landscaping projects with major resort brands and government projects. Most importantly we take pride in resolving technically difficult tasks that our clients face. In addition to this we have been involved in tender projects for project supplies, cargo handling and delivery, Import and customs clearance of sea-going vessels, design and build marine vessels and supply plants and trees for resort and local projects.

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver the best quality of service in our work, Build and maintain a diverse workforce that reflects a good relationship with clients and attracting over our fast-developing business.

The Salted Fiber Works Philosophy

At Salted fiber works, our business and management philosophy mirror our approach to a service oriented and professional style of work: keeping things simple, streamlined and efficient.

We believe that the our customers require attention and a service which would make salted fiber works the first company that you would always come back to for the service we provide. It’s not our job to tell you what you need, it’s our job to listen, help and guide you, so that those reasons can be turned into what you require. We understand that all businesses are driven by economics; but we will always show you the best and safest way forward in any service we provide.

It’s our job to work closely with our customer at all phases of the project to make sure that the specific requirements are met. No one is going to simply sign a contract and then disappear until the build or service is finished. We expect to work with the customer on a regular frequency throughout the entire project so that those “little things” don’t slip through the cracks. We understand that the customer needs to be involved and informed.

With a good understanding, a well thought out plan and consistent interaction and feedback throughout, the results can be accurate, predictable and the project a success.

At Salted Fiber Works we undertake commissions for a broad range of marine consulting services, involving virtually every aspect of planning and developing either marine transportation systems, towing, goods delivery and transportation and ship-handling or escort operations, ship construction management and vessel maintenance and operations. We also offer support services throughout the entire vessel procurement process and customs / import clearance process.

Examples of services performed include:
  • Cost estimates for new construction, ship repair or refits, operating costs and life cycle costs
  • Ship trials management
  • Open water performance predictions
  • Ship model testing
  • Stability analysis Transportation system economic studies
  • Vessel operational modelling
  • Vessel procurement support
  • Vessel surveys and valuations
We are located on the Sunny side of Life!

Our Office is in the capital city of Male’ Republic of Maldives. With our work sites located strategically in different parts of Maldive Atolls.You can always get in touch with us.